Your stay in Zlatibor can begin with a visit to one of the numerous events that are held here all year long. These events were created in order to promote the tradition, customs, lifestyle and gastronomy of this region. Every event is a story for itself, which carries a clear message, and represents one of many decorations in this unique Zlatibor mosaic.

If you want to look into the soul of Zlatibor and Zlatibor mountain men, it is not enough to stroll to the Zlatibor plateau, see the imposing wonders of nature and breathe the refreshing golden air. You ought to make more effort! Visit some of the beautiful local events and you will experience Zlatibor in a completely new way.

No 1. Prosciutto fair in Mačkat

Every winter, at the beginning of February, in the Zlatibor village Mačkat, a fair of dried meat products is being held, known among the people as “Pršutijada”. The village of Mačkat is located between Užice and Čajetina, on the northeastern edge of Zlatibor, and about 14 km away from the tourist center. This village represents a paradise for all the lovers of dried meat, because every third house deals in the production of dried meat. Thanks to this fact, Mačkat became synonym for top the gourmet cuisine, and in that sense is unrivaled throughout Zlatibor.


The people of Zlatibor made a great effort in order that no one feels neglected. Therefore, lovers of the good droplets, this is something for you!

In the Zlatibor village of Šljivovica, located halfway between Mačkat and the center of Zlatibor, an event “Rakijada” is held, to honor the famous plum brandy. This event is held in mid-July, at the church of Mary Magdalene, in the center of the village. By visiting this event, you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook brandy from the richest in knowledge hosts, who will set fire to large boards and start this far famous village alchemy.

No 3 Village multi competition IN JABLANICA

In the Zlatibor village Jablanica, located at the foot of Tornik, there is an event called “the multi-disciplinary competition of the village”. The Jablanica multi-disciplinary competition is the most authentic Zlatibor event, created in the desire to save ancient traditions, skills and sports from oblivion. Jablanica is one of the largest villages in Serbia, wealthy h in pine and beech forests, which caused locals to primarily produce timber. This fact decisively influenced the development of some skills and crafts, which are included in the competition repertoire of this event.

In the village multi-disciplinary competition, the champions compete in a number of sports disciplines, such as: a shepherd long jumping, high jumping, throwing stones from the shoulders, riding a horse and puling the wooden baton. In addition to these disciplines, there are competitions in skills such as: cutting logs with an upright hand saw, cutting logs with a common saw, and as a crown of the whole event, dragging the logs with the help of oxen.

There are several tents nearby, where guests can enjoy cooked and baked Zlatibor specialties, such as beans, pickled cabbage, homemade pies etc.