Zlatibor is an incredibly beautiful mountain. It is located in western Serbia, about 230 km away from Belgrade. At the average height of 1000 m above sea level, Zlatibor offers unforgettable scenery and a unique climate for those seeking rest, relaxation, as well as enjoying winter and summer sports, such as skiing, walking and swimming. Zlatibor is ideal especially for those passionate skiers, looking for a more exciting and dangerous vacation. High mountain ranges surrounding Zlatibor, spacious pastures, small but numerous rivers and lakes and a climate known to be helpful in curing heart and thyroid gland problems as well as many allergies, all contribute to make staying at this mountain an unforgettable experience. The climate makes Zlatibor rich with vegetation, growing over 120 different types of grasses and forests. Wavy landscape is sprinkled with pine and fir forests, wild daffodils and all sorts of colorful mountain flowers and wild berries.
Zlatibor offers a rich cultural and a tourist experience. More than 200, 000 people visit Zlatibor, all over a year, while staying at newly built hotels, mini hotels, inns or in private houses. It is definitely a mountain one always comes back to.

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