For many years Zlatibor has been developing its position of tourist resort and it offers a real wealth of contents for visitors. You can enjoy in the beautiful and marvelous nature, or visit sites, where you can learn about history and tradition of people from this region. Geographic position, altitude sea-level, nearness of Tara and Zlatar mountains, give an exceptional quality to this destination, and due to all these things Zlatibor is an ideal starting point for numerous types of excursions and trips.

If you want to find out and feel the way in which people from this region lived, worked and built for many centuries, then a visit to the museum “Old Village “ should be a mandatory part of your stay at Zlatibor. . It is the first open-air museum in Serbia and there the history and centuries-old traditions of people, who lived in this part of Serbia, are devotedly preserved. Museum also keeps old crafts from oblivion, and during your stay in it you can learn how to make objects from pottery, wooden barrels or how to make a metal blacksmith`s hammer.

During this trip you can also visit the two real natural attractions Gostilje waterfall and Stopica cave.

Stopica cave is a protected natural monument. This cave is world famous for its `birgen` tubs made of limestone which has been deposited for ages. The proof of its beauty is the fact that a picture of this cave, the work of photograph Cedomir Zarkovic, has been declared as the most beautiful world free photo of protected natural resources for the year 2016.

With the arrival of Emir Kusturica to Mokra Gora, this place and its surroundings have been experiencing a real blooming. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy in nature, or to take a drive in an old train called` Cira` on a world famous ` Sarganska osmica` railway, and to go back into the past, to some far away and more romantic time. There you can also see Drvengrad (Woodentown), it is an ethno village on the hill Mecavnik and it looks as it was torn away from the time and modern era. Mandatory part of the trip should be a visit to Visegrad, a town, which is a living monument and its famous “Bridge on the Drina”, and Kamengrad where you can learn about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina through different architectural styles.

On Tara, goddess among the mountains, you must visit a viewpoint Goat rocks from which you can enjoy the view of the vast beauty of this place, Lake Perucac and magical Drina canyon.

The proof that nature is a creative genius is definitely showed in the great and magical Special Nature Reserve Uvac. It is situated between mountains Zlatar and Javor, and due to its karst terrain, numerous caves and caverns have been created. The most famous is certainly the Ice cave, which can be reached only by boat. The reserve is a habitat for over 100 species of birds among which a special place belongs to the lord of height, griffon vulture. The River Uvac Canyon, with its sinuous meanders, leaves you breathless and speechless. Uvac cannot be described in words, nor painted, it must be seen, experienced.

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