Serbia has beautiful and enchanting lowland areas, but mountains still occupy the largest part of this territory. In the northern part of the Stari Vlah area, there is one of the most visited tourist destinations – mountain Zlatibor.

But due to the reduced ability to travel caused by the corona virus, foreigners find it difficult to visit the beautiful landscapes of our Zlatibor. For those who will be able to reach Serbia, Zlatibor is ready to show you all it’s best , and we can offer you the most comfortable and the most affordable accommodation in Zlatibor, which you can also book online.

When the main part of the job is done, you can safely unpack and it’s time to move on an unforgettable adventure through the natural beauties of Zlatibor!


It is definitely a trip to Mokra Gora. Yes, it is about 45 km away from the center of Zlatibor, but it is certainly a place that deserves attention. Mokra Gora, a place that offers various interesting things. One of the interesting things is that our celebrated actor and director, Emir Kusturica (sure you heard of him), built the ethno village Drvengrad.

Every January, the music and film festival “Kustendorf” is organized in Drvengard, which is visited by many Hollywood personalities. Some of them are the beautiful Monica Bellucci, Johnny Depp, and others. When you get to Mokra Gora, no one will let you miss the somewhat slow but enchanting ride through Shargarska eight. Our “Ciro” will take you through it!

If you’ve ever been, or come from the US, then you surely know about the city of El Paso. Zlatibor also has its own “El Paso City.” The town consists of three parts, whose goal is to show a mixture of Zlatibor hamlet, an Indian village and of course a cowboy town.


About 22km from the tourist center is the village Sirogojno – a museum and guardian of Zlatibor’s past and customs. Immediately you will notice small markets that are full of different garments made of wool. Special you will be attracted by woolen sweaters that have motifs of Zlatibor meadows and pastures. The village Sirogojno is well known for them because that is how “Inex Zlatiborka” was created and the Sirogojno sweaters reached Paris and Berlin. Famous fashion designers requested that Sirogojno sweaters be made for them and that they be worn their labels, which did not happen. If you want to bring a souvenir to your loved ones, the Sirogojno sweaters are sure to delight them.

Zlatibor also has an open-air museum called “Staro selo”. What was the main goal of the construction of such a museum, is the desire to preserve from oblivion the architecture and customs of the village of Zlatibor. They certainly succeeded. And of course with the help of cheese specialties from the restaurant “Zavičaj moj”.


If you want to enjoy the natural beauties of Zlatibor and feel the Zlatibor climate, we recommend walks in beautiful meadows, dense forests and sunny mountains.

For those who have not been engaged in physical activity for a long time, smaller trails such as the Kamalj Trail are recommended (it is 800m long) and the Monument Trail (it is 1.5km long). Both are located in the vicinity and near the town of Čigota.

The only pine is a trail that is recommended for those who are a little more active and those who do sports. The trail is 3km long. And for hikers and adventurers, we have a 5km long trail. The trail is demanding and is called the Chigota Trail.

After all these adventures, beautiful landscapes and intriguing facts, you can finally return to the comfort of your Zlatibor apartment. Zlatibor is full of opportunities to enjoy, whether you visit us in summer or winter