The Ribnica lake is located in the tourist village Ribnica, at the foot of mount Tornik, and 10 kilometers away from the tourist center. This lake was created by rebuilding of the river bed of Crni Rzav and is the largest lake on Zlatibor. Situated in a valley, surrounded by pine forest on one side, and hills on the other, Lake Ribnica captivates with its beauty and conquers the hearts of all the Zlatibor’s guests.

The Gostilje waterfall is located near Zlatibor’s village Gostilje, and is 20 kilometers away from the tourist center. This magnificent waterfall is the largest hydrological wonder of nature on Zlatibor and it attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is located about 300 meters away from the center of the village, and a paved path leads to the waterfall, which makes this tourist attraction available to all who like to experience Zlatibor miracles of nature with ease. The waterfall is 20 meters high, which makes it one of the ten largest waterfalls in Serbia.