The ethno village Sirogojno is a unique open-air museum featuring the traditional materials and spiritual heritage of the Serbian village. The buildings are completely authentic and furnished as in the old days, among which are about fifty original Zlatibor log cabins, and over two thousand showpieces. Additionally, a special complex of the buildings for rest and refreshment for the numerous visitors to the Museum is available for rent. The museum is open every day and welcomes over 100 000 people annually.

The museum spreads over five hectares of land and includes buildings that guard the spiritual heritage of the Serbian village of the mountainous region. The exhibited showpieces in the ethno village, apartment accommodation in the log cabins and a souvenir shop with a tavern are leaving an unforgettable impression and wonderful memories that visitors take with them from Sirogojno. The village Sirogojno is also widely known for the ancient knitting technique, which the local people still master in order to knit winter socks and sweaters.