Zlatibor is, in fact, the most attractive mountain in Serbia, and has honorably claimed this title because of the many things it promotes in Serbia, Europe and even beyond. Mild, sunny summers and winters, beautiful springs and warm autumns are the reasons for tourist visits during any time of the year.

This mesmerizing mountain provides a healing spa, a recreational center, a ski resort, a center for cultural events and gathering of people from all directions. Numerous picnics, hiking routes, connection with all the surrounding tourist destinations like Drvengrad, Šarganska osmica, Višegrad, Tara, Drinska regata, Tornik are more than adequate reasons to choose a stay and a vacation on this magnificent mountain!

Zlatibor is hard to resist, because anyone who ever came, and felt the warm and fragrant winds, wanted to return.

There are plenty of things on Zlatibor and its surroundings that would please the soul and allow it to rest and recover.

All of the visitor’s needs are satisfied, as for both children and adults everything that Zlatibor has to offer can be described as fun and unforgettable experience.

For kids especially, there are skiinig, riding and swimming schools, while the adults can enjoy cafes, discos, nightclubs, playgrounds, betting shops, swimming pools, fitness programs, saunas, massage salons, tennis courts, golf courses, basketball courts, football fields etc. Unlimited moments of fun and choices are to be found each day of your stay.

Usually, picnic areas are highly visited, but people who want to walk and get to know this mountain full of spirit and beauty, can eather climb to Tornik, at which foot lies the crystal lake of fresh water or can climb the Čigota hill, from which the Bosnian mountains can be seen and observed. For a more relaxing hike, you can walk through the forests and discover a series of fast mountain rivers.