If the natural beauty of Zlatibor is the best food for the soul of its guests, then the unrivaled Zlatibor specialties are equivalently perfect for their stomachs. By staying in the villages of Zlatibor, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable Zlatibor’s cuisine. Secret recipes from the notebooks of Zlatibor hosts, with suitable climatic conditions for making milk, dairy products and dry meat, make culinary specialties of the Golden mountain a true paradise for all gourmands. The vital part of these magical Zlatibor specialties are: cheese and kajmak, prosciutto, komplet lepinja (a flat bun with everything in it), honey, cheese pie, čvarci (pork rinds), lamb roast, Ljubiš trout etc. In the tourist offer of every Zlatibor village, there is at least one rural household, which offers its guests a meal service.